5 Virtual Workshop Ideas That Your Nonprofit’s Students Will Love

June 10, 2023

As program managers ourselves, we know all too well the grand challenge of keeping middle and high school students interested in our organization’s remote extracurricular programming. And, for that same reason, we know how much of an opportunity remote youth programming can be if we get it right. Take a look at 5 ideas for workshops that will speak your student’s language, and take them from zoomed out to leaning in.

College Application Workshop

For first-generation college students, students of color, and economically disadvantaged students, navigating the college application process can be especially challenging -even without the added complications posed by COVID-19. This workshop will be an amazing opportunity for your high school students to ask questions, work with you in finding solutions, discover resources, and build trust with you.

SAT Prep

For much of the same reasons above, SAT/ACT preparation can get a little more difficult for our most vulnerable students, and especially so during the pandemic. Though we won’t see the full impact of COVID-19 on standardized test scores until the National College Board releases its report on the Class of 2021, the fact still remains that many students have rescheduled or cancel altogether their tests. This workshop will educators to offer our Sophomores and Juniors the additional institutional support they need to navigate these changes.

Volunteering Fair

We all need each other, and that’s not just something for a bumper sticker. Community service is a great way to allow both your middle and high school students alike an opportunity to build relationships with one another, engage with their community, and learn the value of service. Connecting service projects, project managers, and students can be made easier as well through our all-in-one program management platform.

Vlogging and Creative Digital Outlet Workshop

Think outside of the box with a workshop that will not only ensure that you are speaking the language of your students, but you are helping them develop safe and productive creative means of expression. Involving yourself in these sorts of conversations will not only give you cool points, but it can also make space for important lessons on data privacy, internet safety, and healthy online relationships.

“Shark Tank” Themed Idea Competition

Take time to nurture not only your students’ creativity but their potential for and problem-solving with a Shark Tank-style competition. Your students will almost certainly surprise you -and themselves for that matter -with the innovative ideas they are bound to come up with. This can also be a great opportunity to help your students build an entrepreneurial mindset, and practice both the soft skills of public speaking and leadership as well as the hard skills of budgeting and money management.

Our students are having to face a lot of challenges, in more ways than one. As program managers, we have a Prowler to develop curricula that can be a solution -and even have fun doing it, too. Here’s more information on how to build virtual workshops with WeThrive.

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