Post-Pandemic Program Management: The Digital Shift

June 10, 2023

Thousands of nonprofits across the United States proved more resilient than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic year. Despite the many fundraising, operations, and staffing challenges COVID-19 caused, not only did many nonprofits survive the pandemic – the lucky ones even grew, maximizing on opportunities like they’d never had to before. The major shift to digital operations – especially in programmatic strategy– is one such driver that made a monumental difference in the lives of these mission-driven organizations.

Regardless of whether you managed to thrive or simply survived the pandemic, the truth is that the social sector cannot return to a pre-pandemic operating strategy, because its adapted and grown an incredible amount in the past year. So, what’s next? How do we continue to sustain the changes and adaptations we made during the pandemic?

The Digital Shift in Programs

Excellent program management is one of the key factors of in ensuring the successful operation of any nonprofit for in fact, program management is the avenue in which all the magic – the nonprofit’s impact – happens. Here are some steps to retaining a digitally-supported, thriving set of programs post-pandemic:

  1. Stay Digitally Focused and ahead of technology trends. With the lack of knowledge about the long-term immunity provided by COVID-19 vaccines, we can’t be 100% sure what’s going to happen, or whether quarantine laws are not on the distant horizon. Plus, many of us have already made so much progress and have become familiar with technology, learning digital fundraising programs and CRM systems. Managing programs digitally is just as important, if not more, as without flexible, scrappy, and efficient programs our nonprofits would cease to exist.
  2. Make your Organization Stand Out. The post-pandemic world will be filled with nonprofits competing for the funds they weren’t able to raise while the pandemic was occurring. Now, more than ever is the time to step up your nonprofit’s programs’ game. Outcome measurement and impact measurement are necessary to show donors that your mission is achieving what it says it is – earning their trust and rapport for a long-term partnership. Digital learning is also an excellent opportunity, for it is efficient, inexpensive, and effective in keeping your staff, board and volunteers trained and totally up to date in their skillsets and knowledge base.  
  3. Streamline your Workflows to save your most critical collateral: money and time. Digital platforms, like WeThrive, allow nonprofits to reduce redundant work and package their programming for easier roll-outs. With streamlined programs, your nonprofit is more likely to get to a place where it’s ready and has the resources to truly scale – spreading your impact, reaching more people in need, and raising the funds that reaching more people demands.
  4. Make your Organization Person-Focused by using the digital world to engage with constituents directly. WeThrive’s digital program management software includes a community Hub for all beneficiaries of your nonprofit – students, children, families, individuals – to communicate and build together easier than ever. Chat and messaging features allow beneficiaries to connect with either you directly or with each other, building a sense of family that goes beyond your own staff and volunteers.

The post-pandemic world isn’t something to be afraid of: in fact, it’s something to look forward to. Opportunities, especially in the digital universe, exist everywhere – it’s up to you whether or not to recognize, and take advantage of them. WeThrive is an excellent, all-in-one digital program management platform that is sure to not only keep your nonprofit alive during the post-pandemic world but to help it truly thrive and stand out amongst the competition. Let us help you, today!

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