Digital Transformation: 4 Ways To Scale Your Accelerator Program

June 10, 2023

With a boom in startups and venture capital in recent years, accelerators have become an increasingly popular option for rapid organizational growth. Typically, within 3-12 months, an accelerator has the power to advance a start-up or existing organization’s impact through some combination of consulting, education, mentorship, and networking. But how do accelerators work, exactly? And how can an accelerator improve its program to ensure that all start-ups, ventures, companies and nonprofits signing up for its program, are completely satisfied and successful?  

While nothing can beat the impact driven by face-to-face mentorship, education, or consulting,  there is immense value in relying on technology and the digital universe to organize your accelerator’s internal operations and streamline your external programs. Imagine a world where your applications were streamlined, where you could activate digital programming and education courses, where your program participants were engaged from your program’s start to finish, and where you could constantly gather real-time, insightful data and feedback from your participants and program operations to use for future improvements.

Scaling your Accelerator Program

There’s a better way to manage your accelerator program. WeThrive is an all-in-one, comprehensive digital program management platform that seamlessly integrates all of your core tools into one program management software. We work with accelerator programs to provide a tool that complements and amplifies your vision, rather than conforming your accelerator program to limits and old design. Here are some simple but wildly effective ways in which WeThrive will help.  

1).  Streamline your Applications

WeThrive’s applications and pipeline management feature will allow you to manage your accelerator program’s applicant process. This specific tool will allow you to do everything from prioritizing your applications to categorizing them, tracking their status, and following up with applicants. Applications can often be a pain – difficult to field through and so many to manage. WeThrive makes the process simple and painless.

2).  Activate Digital Learning and Virtual Programming

Our training and learning module can complete a variety of tasks for your accelerator – from training educators, consultants and mentors you bring on internally, to educating the program participants who walk in your door. Not only this, but WeThrive’s platform tracks assignment progress and allows for direct communication to and from accelerator program participants, making it easy for participants to ask questions and clarify assignments.  

3). Keep your Participants Engaged

From application to completion of your accelerator program. The last thing you want is for attendees to become bored of, indifferent to, or overwhelmed by your program. Our community chat and engagement feature will allow you to interact directly with all program participants – fielding questions, checking-in, mentoring and consulting virtually when necessary. Additionally, this feature may help you identify your most engaged participants, and re-activate and motivate anyone who seems dis-engaged.

4). Gather Insightful Data

And feedback from your program applicants and participants. Nothing helps you to improve your accelerator program better than useful data that shapes your strategy. Our totally customizable data collection and reporting feature will allow you to collect data in ways that make sense for how your community engages with your program. Build and run reports on program impact, success, challenges, participant engagement and satisfaction.

At the end of the day, you know what works for your accelerator program: we’re here to help you customize a transformative digital platform that will empower you to implement that vision. Let’s bring your accelerator program to the next level, today!

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